1-2-3 Acupuncture and Health Center

Job Position: Acupuncturist

This fulltime position of acupuncturist requires a minimum of a Bachelorís degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Acupuncture. The acupuncturist must have an active California Acupuncturist License.

The job duties are to:
- Collect medical histories and general health and life style information from patients. Assess patients' general physical appearance.
- Analyze physical findings and medical histories to make diagnoses according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Develop individual treatment plans and strategies.
- Maintain detailed and complete records of health care plans and prognoses.
- Maintain and follow standard quality, safety, environmental and infection control policies and procedures. Adhere to local, state and federal laws, regulations and statutes.
- Identify correct anatomical and proportional point locations based on patients' anatomy and positions, contraindications, and precautions related to treatments such as needles, moxibution, electricity, cupping, and guasha.
- Treat medical conditions using acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, acupressure/manual therapy, heat or cold therapy, and nutritional supplements.
- Formulate herbal preparations to treat conditions considering herbal properties such as taste, toxicity, effects of preparation, contraindications, and incompatibilities. Dispense herbal formulas and inform patients of dosages and frequencies, treatment duration, possible side effects and drug interactions.
- Educate patients on topics such as stretching, exercise, nutrition, the healing process, breathing, and relaxation techniques.
- Evaluate treatment outcomes and recommend new or altered treatments as necessary to further promote, restore, or maintain health.

To apply for this position, please send your resume to: 123 acu at outlook dot com (no space)

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